News - 27/05/2007

Sorry for the lack of update x_x
We have the tracklist from the first GAM concert tour :

GAM First Concert Tour 2007 Hatsu Natsu ~Great Aya & Miki~

01. Amai Yuuwaku //GAM
02. LU LU LU //GAM
03. Aijou Oasis //GAM
MC: Ayaya
04. Ichaicha Summer //GAM
MC: Ayaya
06. Sukisugite Baka mitai //Ayaya
07. Shining Itoshiki Anata //Miki
MC: Miki
08. Shinkirou Romance //GAM
09. Melodies //GAM
10. Ai no Fune //GAM
11. Atsui Tamashii //GAM
MC: Question corner
12. Koko de Kiss shite //GAM
13. From That Sky //GAM
14. Junketsu ~Only~ //GAM
15. Namida Girl //GAM
17. ...H //GAM
18. Thanks! //GAM

Update - 27/05/2007

I add 45 more GAM's pics (official pictures and CD covers), you can listen the 1st GAM album in the "media" section ! And i add 5 gam's videos (Pv, live, concert)

News - 24/04/2007

Surprise ! We have the tracklist from the first GAM album : 1st GAM ~Amai Yuuwaku~.

01. Thanks!
02. Junketsu ~Only~
04. Ai no fune
05. Koko de KISU shite
06. LU LU LU
07. ICHA ICHA Summer
08. Aijou OASIS
09. ...H
10. Amai yuuwaku
11. Thanks! (Yuuwaku Remix)

Update - 04/04/2007

I add 6 more GAM's pics (official pictures)

News - 20/03/2007

Miracle day... i knew this is coming
5/23 GAM 1st Album !
Limited CD+DVD : HKCN-50053/54 | 3,780 yen
Normal CD : HKCN-50055 | 3,150 yen

GAM is going to sing this years 2007 Rakuten Eagles song called "Daisuki Rakuten Eagles." They will perform April 1st Live at the Eagles game.

Update - 20/03/2007

I add 11 more GAM's pics (pictures) and i update the "media" section.

News - 02/03/2007

We have the LU LU LU PV :)
You can see it in the "media" section.

Update - 26/02/2007

You can listen the preview of "Lu lu lu" and "Family" in the MEDIA section :)
GREAT SONGS !!!!!!!!!

Lyrics of Lu lu lu :

Nee kowai, mou yamete
saigo no saigo deshou,

mou ichido, mou ichido
aishiaitai kedo

kirawarechau hodo ni anata wo
suki ni natteshimatta
koi no hakanasa wo shiri
nakitsuku shimasu

demo sayonara
ashita wa nanka ii koto ni
deau to shinji

demo sayonara
koukai dake wa shinaide ne,
juunen go to ka ni


un dakedo, mou inai
saigo no saigo demo,
akkenakatta na

mou nidoto, mou nidoto
aishiaenai no ne

ichinen nante atto iu aida to
watashi mo omotteta wa
kekkyoku juuka getsu shika
irarenakatta ne

demo sayonara
kondo wa motto ii koi wo
zettai suru no yo

demo sayonara
nani mo nakatta yo na kao de
hitori de neru wa


News - 25/02/2007

The covers are here !!!!!!!!

Lu lu lu - CD
___________Lu lu lu - CD+DVD

3rd single
Lu lu lu
Release : March, 21th 2007

1. Lu lu lu
2. Family
3. Lu lu lu (instrumental)

News - 23/02/2007

It was so quiet ! But now we have some news :)
This is the first official picture for the third single - Lu lu lu :

It's cool, that's retro ! Makes me think about H!P 2005 summer concert outfits.
It's not the only news today, according to the fanclub ticket reservations, GAM will have their first concert tour sometime during the summer.
The name will be : GAM 2007 Hatsunatsu ~Great Aya & Miki~
___________________________________________________________ Link !

News - 14/02/2007

It's sure now, the title of the third single is : Lu lu lu !

News - 02/02/2007
There's no big news.. we're waiting for gam third single (title and preview) but i have just a little news ^_^ Aya Matsuura and Miki Fujimoto did the second MC of the night in Hello! Project 2007 Winter ~Shuugetsu! 10th Anniversary~ live, on Yokohama Arena. During the MC, Aya said she wants GAM to have her own tour. Miki said the same thing, but to do that, GAM would need more original songs, so Miki said she wants an album too. I hope Tsunku will give them an amazing album.

Update - 21/01/2007
I add 15 more GAM's pics (pictures).

News - 01/01/2007

GAM (Matsuura Aya + Fujimoto Miki)'s 3rd single.

UNTITLED (Limited Edition)
2007.3.21 OUT
1680 yen (tax in)
Limited edition: w/ DVD

UNTITLED (Regular Edition)
2007.3.21 OUT
1050 yen (tax in)
First press: w/ photocard (unconfirmed)

2007.3.28 OUT
1575 yen (tax in)

Update - 01/01/2007
I add 11 more GAM's pics (pictures) and 4 videos (media).

Update - 24/11/2006
I add 3 pictures of GAM (official picture of Melodies) and I add 5 pictures of GAM (covers of Melodies Single V)

News - 23/11/2006
Just to say that we don't have a lot of GAM's news :/ !
Miki's gone to Ayaya's concert to sing "Thanks!"

Update - 07/11/2006
I add 5 pictures of GAM (official picture of Thanks!)

Update - 02/11/2006
I add 3 pictures of GAM (official picture of Melodies)

Update - 20/10/2006
I add 10 pictures of GAM (covers of Melodies) and one live of Melodies in the "media" section

Update - 15/10/2006
I add 4 pictures of GAM (Melodies)

Update - 06/10/2006
I add the full PV of Melodies in the "media" section

Update - 05/10/2006
Two new wallpapers and six new avatars in the "goodies" section !

News - 04/10/2006
You can see in the "media" section the PV preview of the new single : Melodies

Update - 03/10/2006
Hello ! new update today... sorry but i was busy in september.
I add a lot of GAM pictures, you can see them in the "pictures" section. I also add the "Melodies" single in the "discography" section and the PV of "Thanks!" and one live on the "media" section ^^

News - 29/09/2006
GAM will release a new single "Melodies" on october 25, you can see the covers on the "discography" section and listen the single on our radio :)

News - 09/09/2006
You can see four new pictures ! And this time it's official pictures :)

News - 08/09/2006
What was your reaction when you first heard that the both of you were put together in a unit named GAM? (Your impression when you heard the unit name was GAM = Great Aya & Miki)
Aya :
I was like "hooray!" For quite awhile, the two of us have always wanted to do something together, so we're glad that we have been given the chance to present ourselves together. When I heard the unit name, my impression was the name is easy to understand, easy to remember. Whatever it is, "Gum"* is just good, right? So said the two of us jokingly.
*(A pun on GAM = Gum, as in bubble-gum).

Miki :
I was honestly very happy because we've been close friends since the very beginning. About the unit name, GAM, well, it's just what we are, right? (cackles). But, the meaning of "pretty legs" somehow gives a bit of pressure ... (cackles).

What was your impression when you first heard "Thanks!" and tell us the song's highlight?
Aya :
Showa era aura!! It's like something nostalgic. It fits perfectly as the theme song for the "Sukeban Deka" movie. The song highlight is, of course, our two voices. So, please experience the wonder that is our totally different voices which blends smoothly when we sing together.

Miki :
Retro-ish feel. Conversely, for me, it's refreshing!

What's the PV highlight? Tell us how did the filming of the PV go.
Aya :
On GAM's PV filming location, you wouldn't be able to differentiate if the two of us were working or playing!! (laughs). In between takes, they were supposed to be taking comments from the two of us. But, since Mikitty just wouldn't show up, I treat me some "braised burdock". She made me “wait with my burdock”. (angry-laughs).

Miki :
Even on PV filming, we were still fooling around. Basically, the scene where you see the two of us enjoying ourselves is the promotion video's number 1 highlight.

Tell us the highlight of the coupling song "Shinkirou Romance" and your impression.
Aya :
Personally, I've always liked a slightly dark and slow song since the very beginning. My impression was "Aah! This is nice". Tan (Mikitty) also felt the same way. This kind of song is what we're good at. So, let your ears completely absorb the melancholic atmosphere of our voices.

Miki :
I also really like the coupling song. It's calming. It feels good to sing it.

What kind of people do you expect to watch and listen to GAM? Also tell us GAM's target or better yet, ambition if there's any.
Aya :
Broad audience, from little kids to old men and women. We'll be happy if we are accepted in the ears of many different people. Even though the tempo is very fast, I'm pretty sure everyone will be able to remember the song and the dance in no time. GAM is not a one time thing, the two of us feel that we will become more and more fantastic as we release more songs in the future.

Miki :
For GAM fans, of course we really expect many kinds of people will listen and sing to our song. As for GAM's ambition, we want this "Thanks!" to keep on continuing in a form of 2nd, 3rd song releases. It would be great if the two of us could keep on enjoying this ride as much as we could.

September means "fall". Is there anything you want to do, anywhere you want to go, anything you want to eat in this fall?
Aya :
I want chestnut. My favorite food. I like to boil the chestnut, cut it into half, and eat by digging it with a spoon. Eventhough the beach in summer is beautiful, I like fall's beach. The heat is calming and nice. I want to go and play on the beach.

Miki :
I want to collect the dead leaves and eat roasted potato.

Lastly, some messages for fans and also for your partner.

Aya :
"Great" ... greatness, wonderfulness, there are various meanings, but the two of us will show you our own meaning of "Great". Please keep up the support for GAM!*
* (Aya's actual transliterated writing was "GAM wo 4649 onegai itashimasu". The "4649" is supposed to be read as "Yo-Ro-Shi-Ku" xD).

To Tan (Mikitty),
I've been meaning to say this for a while, somehow it’s a bit embarrassing, but let's put forth both of our effort into this. In the things we want to say, things we can’t, our words, and after that love shall fully embrace. With no hesitation like ever before, please keep on watching over me.*
* (She actually wrote 4649 again here xD)

Miki :
Please watch me in enjoyment, it makes me happy when we can have a great time together.

To Aya-chan,
Thank you for all these times. I love you~

Thx to Nishikaze !

News - 07/09/2006
You can see a new layout (again pink!) for the website. Since the creation on June we have more than 5 000 visitors ! -> Thanks! <-!

News - 14/08/2006
Big news !! A second single of the special unit GAM has been announced on Tower Records' website ! They say there will be two versions of this single, a normal one and one with a DVD included ! They're not talking about a DVD Single but that's already great enough, because this should be released on October, 18th !

News - 14/08/2006
The cover and tracklist of the DVD Single of "Thanks !" have been added in the DISCOGRAPHY !

1. Thanks !
2. Thanks ! (Close-up version)
3. Making-of

News - 01/08/2006
The cover of the first CD "Thanks !" has been revealed today ! Here it is :

Update - 01/08/2006
To make easier your visit here, we've decided to class the different new things about GAM in a few sections : News & Updates is the page you're seeing now, the Discography shows the releases of this unit, Goodies has our wallpapers and avatars, Pictures brings together the GAM pictures, and the Radio permits you to listen to GAM songs.

Update - 27/07/2006
After a long time waiting for a preview or something new about GAM, their songs have been played on the radio ! You can now listen to those two songs, "Thanks !" and its c/w "Shinkirou Romance" in the radio (in the menu on the left) ! Say what you think of them in the tag-board !

Update - 01/07/2006
For our future section with wallpapers, avatars, and many goods of Aya and Miki together or in GAM, here is the second wallpaper ! This is to symbolize the great team they make.

I want this wallpaper !

Update - 27/06/2006
Here are some GAM avatars for you ! Their size is 80x80 pixels.

Update - 22/06/2006
3 new pictures of GAM have been revealed ! One for each member of the group, and a new one of Miki and Aya together ! Once again, they look great !

Update - 19/06/2006
This is the first wallpapers of GAM ! we will create a section with a lot of goods like wallapapers, avatars and more ! I hope you will like this one :) it's a cute wall !

Update - 15/06/2006
Matsuura Aya comment :
"Thanks!" has the aura of Showa Era to it. It fits perfectly with the year 2006 "Sukeban Detective". It's a song which has a feeling of "power" to it. This is my 4th unit. I want to do my best with Mikitty with whom I've always had a good relationship (they are best friend).

Fujimoto Miki comment :
Great Aya & Miki is what it stands for. It's the first for me to be coupled together in a unit with my buddy, Ayaya, and I'm really happy for it. This is different from Morning Musume or any other unit. Please look forward to this Matsuura Aya and Fujimoto Miki unit!

Tsunku wrote :
And so, this time, we're trying something new, we have formed a new unit which consist of the two, Matsuura Aya and Fujimoto Miki.
If you ask, "till when will this unit last?" I have yet to think about it.
The unit name is "GAM" (Gyamu). To start with, they will be singing the theme song for the fall premiered movie "Sukeban Deka Code Name = Asamiya Saki"
"Great Aya & Miki" if we take the initials, then we have "GAM". I wonder if it means anything in English? As I research it, turns out it's a slang for "attractive legs".
"Ah! Then the theme for these two is to deliver song which radiates from their legs and echoes within your heart!" lets do that!
A unit which sings a cool song with a dress that attracts people with their "beautiful wonderful legs" is what we're aiming for!
The debut song "Thanks!" is about expressing feelings of gratitude towards those precious glorified youth times.
Even after this, the Sexy Cool Unit, GAM, will become something solid.
Please give them lots of support!