Welcome to GAM
This is a new little place, not really a website, in fact it's just a mix between a website and a blog :) ! I (pillika) decided to create this place with Hanashite because Ayaya & Mikitty are our two favourite members of Hello! Project. We have yet two websites, my website www.ayawaii.com and hanashite's website www.tiny-mikitty.com. It's an expediency for her and me to join our forces because Aya and Miki are alone in the same group :) And we are very happy ^^

So here you can find some informations and news about GAM !

Have fun *_*

Pillika & Hanashite

News & Updates
27/05/2007 :
We have the tracklist of the 1st GAM concert tour !
I add 45 pictures, 5 GAM's videos and you can listen the 1st GAM album in the "media" section !

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